HAND ME A HAND-ME-DOWN:  Second hand clothes in San Diego

Second hand clothes in San Diego are easy to come by.  With an abundance of thrift shops in local neighborhoods, the savvy shopper is sure to find smart purchases that meet the trendiest of fashion needs at bargain prices.

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Types of second-hand clothes that come in pretty darn good condition, especially in San Diego. 

    • Used Baby Clothes
    • Used Maternity Clothes
    • Second Hand Jackets and Coats
    • Used Sweaters, fleeces, sweatshirts
    • T-shirts
    • Used Jeans , pants, shorts, and skirts

6064092684_8edc38e1cc.jpgUsed Baby Clothes.  When you find baby clothes in second hand shops, you’ll more than likely find that it’s in very good condition. That’s because babies grow so quickly out of their clothing, putting into service a low number of wearable hours.  Thrift stores such as San Diego Rescue Mission have their staff filter through all the clothes to display items that are in good, resalable condition, taking much of the work out of sifting through food and grass stained second-hand clothing that you may think you have to rummage through.  If you’re out hunting for baby clothes, check thrift stores near family neighborhoods, such as National City or North Park.   You’ll be sure to find a high inventory of gently used and sometimes even new baby clothes. 



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